Testing at Solar Farm
Circuit Breaker Testing
Sub Station
One of our findings during a PM inspection
Field Circuit Breaker Testing
Finding-(Loose Lug Connection) IR Services
Hot spot on circuit

"Ensuring the Safety and Reliability of your Electrical System"


SouthWest Electritech Services is an independent electrical technical and testing services company serving the western states. We offer a broad range of electrical technical, training, testing, equipment and field and shop services to promote the safe, reliable and efficient operation of your electrical distribution

A key component of the safety of your electrical distribution system and those who work around it starts with Short-Circuit Coordination Studies, Arc Flash Hazard Analysis and electrical safety training that we provide. We also provide site surveys as well as customized training and maintenance programs to ensure your compliance with NEC, OSHA 29CFR1910 and NFPA 70E 2015 requirements.

From start-up and commissioning of newly installed equipment to acceptance, maintenance testing and infrared
thermography, we can design and establish a program to maximize the up time and safety of your individual electrical system. We can recommend equipment and testing schedules for each component with specific test(s) to be performed.  When our work is complete, you will receive comprehensive reports with details on the testing performed, servicing and evaluation data as well as a prioritized action plan to keep your electrical system operating in a safe condition.

SouthWest Electritech also offers services to repair or modify your existing electrical equipment. We offer sales of surplus, obsolete and re-manufactured low and medium-voltage equipment from all manufacturers. Each piece of equipment comes with testing reports that ensures the equipment has been tested to industry standards.