SouthWest Electritech Services has joined forces with industry leader National Field Services. This means our reliable independent third-party acceptance testing is now NETA-accredited.


Still the same responsive and knowledgeable team, SWES will now operate as the Southwest Division of National Field Services.
This acquisition expands our access to NETA certified technicians, quality inventory and NCCER accredited training curriculum.


Offering start-up and maintenance services throughout the lifecycle of your electrical system, National is your local resource.


Tap into the power of National Field Services at or call us today at (888) 296-0625, (702) 685-5510, or (775) 410-0430 to learn more.


Our field technicians thoroughly check, test, and investigate your company’s electrical systems.

Extensive experience in power systems testing, commissioning, measurement, and management.

Our arc flash safety checklist helps you keep your people and equipment protected.

Available in stock individually or as a kit. 

Keep your people safe, efficient and up-to-date on current issues and industry standards when working with electricity. We offer a range of safety, technical, and industry training courses through our Training Center or at your facility. 

The National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) 70B recommends every commercial and industrial facility have an IR survey every year.  

Our investments in current technology have created efficient electrical maintenance programs that identify factors which lead to equipment deterioration. 

We also sell refurbished electrical equipment. Fully tested and accepted. Call to check pricing.



Las Vegas, NV

3711 Regulus Ave

Las Vegas, Nevada 89102

Tel: 1-888-296-0625

       (702) 685-5510

Fax: (702) 207-6382

Reno, NV

2900 Vassar Street, Suite 114

Reno, NV 89502

Tel: 775-410-0430


For any inquiries, questions or commendations, please call: 1-888-296-0625 or fill out the following form

Here are some pointers that will help your electrical system run safely & more reliably

The first key to knowing your electrical system is an accurate and up-to-date one-line of the electrical system. With the facilities of today, which integrate multiple supplies and voltage systems, knowing how the system components are integrated togethers is key ....

It may seem too simple, but the first step in knowing any piece of equipment is to read the manual. Keep in mind that equipment that may look the same may not operate the same. Systems may also vary depending on the application and installation. ....


We realize that you have limited staff and that your employees have numerous demands placed upon them. Unfortunately, putting off testing until it's most convenient usually means testing rarely, if it ever happens.  ....


No amount of speed or pressure to get things done should make employees cut corners when it comes to safety measures. If there ais anything we have learned over the years, it is that cutting corners leads to costly ....