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National Field Services Southwest Division is proud to be a member company of The Professional Electrical Apparatus Reconditioning League. PEARL is the trade organization uniting suppliers of safe, high-quality surplus and reconditioned electrical equipment. Since its founding in 1997, it has brought together more than 70 members that meet strict technical, safety and operational requirements. PEARL is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developer, and is committed to creating and disseminating information about the proper recycling and reuse of electrical power equipment. 

“PEARL provides an alternative for the industry by offering safe, reconditioned equipment that can be used to quickly and effectively recover from a disaster, be it equipment failure, electrical outages, or natural disasters,” said Mr. Powell, past president. “The organization is proud of the integral role it plays in disaster recovery, and unites suppliers in order to help ensure that trusted equipment can be delivered to a facility in need as quickly as possible.”


For more information on PEARL and the electrical reconditioning industry, visit pearl1.org.