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Short Circuit

The Short Circuit Study is performed to verify that each device of the electrical distribution system including service equipment, breakers, branch panel boards and connected equipment will meet the minimum requirements of short circuit energy at their connection point in the electrical distribution system. Knowing these fault currents protects not only the equipment from destruction during a fault condition, but also personnel from injury or death. These calculations are also required for determining the coordination of protective relays, circuit breakers and fuses.

Protective Device Coordination

The Coordination Study is performed to determine the proper device ratings and settings for each device to ensure the integrity of the electrical distribution system in case of a system disturbance or malfunction. The set points are critical so the device nearest to the disturbance will open and not affect the balance of the system. These set points are also used in conjunction with the available fault current to determine the Arc-Fault levels of the system.


The Coordination Study also verifies the thermal points of the equipment are not exceeded. Exceeding the equipment’s thermal points during a fault condition can lead to premature failure of the equipment.

Arc Flash Analysis

Our arc flash safety checklist helps you keep your people and equipment protected.